World War II Shooter 'Enlisted' Coming to Xbox Series X|S as a November Launch Title

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Gaijin Entertainment and developer Darkflow Software have announced that Enlisted, the "realistic WWII online shooter game" will form part of the launch line-up for Xbox Series X|S this November as a Game Preview title and timed console exclusive.

Taking in ground and air battles, you'll be able to assume control of an infantry squad, tank crew commander, or aircraft pilot in Enlisted, training your squad of soldiers before equipping them with new gear and weapons to take onto the battlefield. You can then freely switch between soldiers on the fly, and stay in the thick of battle.

Divided into campaigns covering specific key battles of World War II, including a clash between German and Soviet Troops during the 'Battle of Moscow', Enlisted will feature weapons, gear, ground vehicles, aircraft, factions, and squads authentic to each theatre of operations.

Using the same engine as War Thunder and Cuisine Royale, Enlisted will also feature ray-traced lighting on Xbox Series X|S, with 4K resolution on the Series X and 1440p resolution for the Series S. Both consoles will run Enlisted at a "stable" 60 frames per second.

Enlisted will be coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on 10th November, with a Founder's Pack purchase required to gain access to the game. Check out some alpha gameplay below.


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