Unknown Fate

Unknown Fate Achievements

There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Secret Achievements
In the park. 50
When we first met.  
In my room. 50
Me, the hands and the Wardrobe.  
The facility. 50
When we met again.  
In the park 2.50
Weird things in the park.  
The office. 50
Goodbye colleague.  
Our house. 50
With mom. 30
Some Unfortunate Events!  
In my room. 30
Sometimes you are not alone.  
Bullies. 30
I'm not having fun.  
Together in the park. 30
Sometimes you need some help.  
Woz! 30
I'm glad I found you.  
Leave her alone! 30
I'll take care of it.  
Another guardian! 30
Did you see it?  
Music! 30
Together is better.  
At work. 30
Alwasy good to know when to stop.  
Thank you. 30
That saved me.  
Ubik! 30
All-purpose solution.  
Sushi! 30
Memories are all important.  
The last one! 30
You found the last piece!  
The artefact.60
You have the full power of the artefact now.  
Kill the big one. 50
Kill the boss without dying.  
The End. 200
Complete the adventure.  

Game Info


US April 24, 2019

HDD Space Required : 3.85 GB
Price: $14.49USD
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