Train Sim World: Founders Edition

Train Sim World: Founders Edition Achievements

There are 88 achievements with a total of 1925 points.

Journey Shrinker75
Reach a speed of 125MPH in the HST 
Turbo Power75
Reach a speed of 90MPH in the Class 166 
Pushing the Limits75
Reach a speed of 75MPH in the Class 66 
Cross Country100
Operated the Class 43 HST for 430 miles 
Mile Muncher100
Operated the Class 166 for 1660 miles 
Operated the DBS 66 for 660 miles 
Peak Performance125
Successfully completed all scenarios 
Qualified Driver100
Successfully completed all tutorials 
Travelled 100 miles in any locomotive 
Travelled 1 mile on foot 
DLC: Northeast Corridor
Price: Free Achievements: 9 Points: 100
NEC: City Sprinter5
Reach 100MPH in the ACS-64 
NEC: Northeast Regional15
Operate 640 miles in the ACS-64 
NEC: Geep Trail15
Operate 380 miles in the GP38-2 
NEC: Day One5
Complete the ACS-64 Basic Introduction 
NEC: Time to Shine5
Complete the GP38-2 Basic Introduction 
NEC: New Yorker20
Complete all of the available services 
NEC: Big Step10
Collect all collectibles 
NEC: Manhattan Master10
Complete all scenarios 
NEC: All Aboard15
Complete 64 passenger boarding tasks 
DLC: Rapid Transit
Price: Free Achievements: 7 Points: 100
RT: Mass Transit25
Complete 442 passenger boarding tasks 
RT: Rapid Transit5
Reach 160KPH in the BR442 
RT: Top Talent20
Operate 44.2KM in the BR442 
RT: Safety First15
Acknowledge 500 SIFA alarms 
RT: Green Light5
Complete the BR442 Basic Introduction 
RT: Leipzig Legend20
Complete all of the available services 
RT: Regional Rider10
Ride as a passenger for 44.2KM 
DLC: West Somerset Railway
Price: $24.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 95
WSR: Tourist Attraction10
Complete 47 passenger boarding tasks 
CL47: Star Tours20
Operate the Class 47 for 470 miles 
CL09: Gronk on the go20
Operate the Class 09 for 90 miles 
WSR: Star Pupil5
Complete Class 47 Introduction tutorial 
WSR: Gronk Graduate5
Complete Class 09 Introduction tutorial 
WSR: West Country Wonderer15
Complete all of the available services 
WSR: Preserving Heritage10
Collect all collectables on West Somerset Railway 
WSR: Summer Vacation10
Complete all scenarios on West Somerset Railway 
DLC: Ruhr-Sieg Nord
Price: $29.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 100
BR143: Ruhr Sieg Express10
Complete 143 passenger boarding tasks 
BR185: Fast Freight10
Reach 85kmph in the BR185.2 
BR143: Controlled Cruise10
Reach 100kmph in the BR143 
BR185: The Freight Experience15
Operate the BR185.2 for 185km 
BR143: Tap Changer Pro15
Operate the BR143 for 143km 
RSN: Knowing your TRAXX5
Complete the BR185 Introduction tutorial 
RSN: Learning the Classics5
Complete BR143 Introduction tutorial 
RSN: A Day on the DB10
Completed 50 Ruhr Sieg Nord services 
RSN: Refurbishment Crew10
Collect all collectables on Ruhr Sieg Nord 
RSN: Valley Veteran10
Complete all scenarios on Ruhr Sieg Nord 
DLC: Long Island Rail Road
Price: $29.99 USD Achievements: 9 Points: 95
M7: Junior Operator5
Complete the M7 Introduction tutorial 
M7: The Cannonball5
Reach a speed of 70mph in the M7 
M7: Change at Jamaica20
Operate the M7 for 700 miles 
M7: Seven Up10
Reach Loco Level 10 for the M7 
LIRR: Making Headway10
Reach Route Level 10 on Long Island Railroad 
LIRR: Accessed All Areas10
Complete all scenarios on Long Island Railroad 
LIRR: Along for the ride10
Complete 70 Passenger Boarding Tasks with the M7 
LIRR: Discovery Island10
Collect all collectables on Long Island Railroad 
LIRR: The King of Queens15
Completed 70 Long Island Railroad services 
DLC: Northern Trans-Pennine
Price: $29.99 USD Achievements: 9 Points: 100
Class 47: Maxed Out5
Reach a speed of 75mph in the Class 47 
Class 45: Hit the Peak20
Operate the Class 45 for 450 miles 
Class 45: Revv'd up5
Complete the Diesel Locomotives Introduction tutorial 
Class 101: Drive this way20
Operate the Class 101 for 1001 miles 
Class 101: Mechanical Master5
Complete the Class 101 Introduction tutorial 
Class 101: With or Without You10
Complete 101 passenger boarding tasks 
NTP: Every Train You Take15
Complete 50 Northern Trans-Pennine services 
NTP: Trans-Pennine Traveller10
Complete all scenarios on Northern Trans-Pennine 
NTP: The Magic Number10
Reach Route Level 20 on Northern Trans-Pennine 
DLC: BR Class 33
Price: $19.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 100
Class 33: Straight Outta Crompton10
Complete the Class 33 Introduction tutorial 
Class 33: Bluejacket15
Complete the Minehead Mariner scenario 
Class 33: Solid Steel Construction20
Reach Loco Level 10 in the Class 33 
Class 33: All the threes25
Complete 33 passenger boarding tasks in the Class 33 
Class 33: Crompton Cruiser30
Operate the Class 33 for 330 miles 
DLC: Main Spessart Bahn: Aschaffenburg - Gem√ľnden Route
Price: $29.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 95
MSB: Bavarian Bounty10
Collect all collectables on Main-Spessart Bahn 
MSB: All in Order10
Complete all scenarios on Main-Spessart Bahn 
MSB: Trio Triumph5
Complete all tutorials on Main-Spessart Bahn 
MSB: Spessart Wanderer10
Reach Route Level 20 on Main-Spessart Bahn 
MSB: Welcome to Main-Spessart Bahn5
Complete 1 service on Main-Spessart Bahn 
MSB: Clean Sweep20
Complete 100 services on Main-Spessart Bahn 
BR146: Tour Guide15
Complete 146 passenger boarding tasks with the BR 146.2 
BR146: Making Tracks20
Operate the BR 146.2 a distance of 1462km 
DLC: DB BR 182 Loco
Price: $19.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 50
BR182: Training Day5
Complete the BR 182 Introduction tutorial 
BR182: Trend Setter10
Complete the BR 182 scenario 'S-Bahn Sprinter' 
BR182: True Taurus20
Operate the BR 182 a distance of 1820km 
BR182: A Tamed Taurus10
Reach Loco Level 10 in the BR 182 
BR182: Sprint 1825
Reach a speed of 100kmh in the BR 182 
DLC: DB BR 155 Loco
Price: $19.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 45
BR155: Power Full5
Complete the BR 155 Introduction tutorial 
BR155: Power Drive10
Complete the BR 155 scenario 'Fossil Fuels' 
BR155: Power Grid10
Complete 15 services using the BR 155 
BR155: Power Surge20
Operate the BR 155 a distance of 1550km 
DLC: BR Class 52
Price: $19.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 45
CL52: Class of '525
Complete the Class 52 Introduction tutorial 
CL52: Top-Notch Western10
Complete the Class 52 scenario 'Swap Shop' 
CL52: Hydraulic Heaven10
Complete 15 services using the Class 52 
CL52: Western Region20
Operate the Class 52 a distance of 520 miles 

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US March 09, 2018

HDD Space Required : 5.94 GB
Price: $49.99USD
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