Code of Conduct

Play nicely on the forum
The community is a friendly place and we expect you to keep it that way. We are here to share in a fun hobby that we all enjoy. We know the internet is a wild and crazy place, but our part of it is polite and respectful. If you have a problem with a member, then you have two options. We prefer that you use the Report button found on the bottom left of every forum post. Alternately you can post a complaint in the Complaints forum. If instead you choose to attack someone on the forums, you are just as responsible as the person to whom you are responding.

Respect the staff
The staff are volunteers and have been selected by the site admins for a reason. The staff are here to help and also to enforce these rules. If you have a complaint about a staff member that you cannot negotiate as reasonable adults, post it in the Complaints forum or send a PM to the Community Manager.

Respect Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct
We are a fan site and expect our members to follow the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. This specifically includes complying with Xbox policy regarding modifying hardware, software, and gamertags. Discussion that is intended to teach or encourage prohibited behavior is also prohibited. If you are found to have cheated games on your gamertag, you will be asked to start a new tag or leave the site. If you are later found to have cheated on the new tag you will be banned and there will be no appeal. YOU are responsible for all activity on your gamertag and on your forum account.

Writing Guides
We love your guides. Many members initially found the site because of a guide written by another member showing up in the results on a search engine. Please note that we have a variety of rules and guidelines that specifically apply to writing guides. Please see this thread and this forum for more information.

Signatures must not exceed a 600x400 image size + 6 lines of text. If only text is used, text must not exceed the amount of spacing used for a 600x400 image + 6 lines of text. All images and text shall follow the guidelines of the Code of Conduct. All signatures exceeding these guidelines will be amended or removed by staff.

Search before you post
We provide regularly updated FAQs, Guides and Announcements around the forums. Taking the time to read these will answer many questions.

Post in the right place
If you post a thread in the wrong place, we will generally move it for you. However, that creates extra work for the staff and if you make a habit of it, we will let you know.

Don’t Spam
If you have nothing new and constructive to add to a thread, then don’t post. If someone has posted an answer or a link, there is no need for a "What he said" post. If you are just going to reply with a short generic message, don’t bother. Don't make posts like "I agree" or "Thanks for 'X'" as it just clutters up threads.
If the staff feel that your post is inappropriate or spamming, they may remove it without notification. Our preference is to close un-needed threads rather than deleting them, and when we do that we will generally make a final post in the thread explaining why.

Avoid Double Posting
If you see a mistake in your post, or want to add something, please edit your post rather than posting an immediate response. If you want to quote multiple other posts in your reply, click Multi “OFF” (which will change it to "Multi ON") at the bottom of each post that you want to quote and then click Quote on any of them to form ONE post with everything you want to reply to.

Old threads
If you’ve used the search function and found an old thread, that is great! Now if you have some groundbreaking new information to add, then feel free to post it. If however, you’re just going to say "works for me" or "what he said" etc, please refrain from posting. Think first, “Am I adding value to the thread?"

We don’t mind people using the occasional swear word. We understand everyone uses them, and if you drop an F-Bomb, we get it. However, if you decide that every other word you use will be a swear word, we will take exception to that. Use your common sense, and remember that a lot of young people use these forums. Also, please use English when typing as this is an English speaking forum.  Avoid l337 speak or txt talk. Make sure it is easy for everyone to read your post, i.e. use proper grammar and spell-check.

Advertising pays the bills on the site, so we require that all advertising go through our paying service. All other advertising is prohibited. This includes anything to do with "Free games when you fill out 128317 forms", referral links, links to other gaming websites, any product or service you are trying to sell, activities hosted by other sites, etc. You may have a link to your personal blog (so long as it doesn’t have a forum), a link to your social networking account, or video hosting account in your signature and/or on your profile. However, we do not permit you to actively promote them on the forums.

Nothing Illegal
If you want to discuss anything illegal, from drugs to downloading torrents, do it off the site. If we spot this going on, we will remove the conversation and the members from the site. When addressing topics that are generally illegal but may be legal in a few select areas, we will generally err on the side of discretion and ask that you avoid those topics.

Subjects to avoid
Anything that is discussing religion, politics, racist subjects or similar is to be avoided on the site. Also, we do not permit any “random picture” or “gif” threads or anything along those lines because historically they have all crossed the line and we really dislike banning people.

Codes (Trial/Game/Etc.)
We do not allow the selling/trading/asking/buying/giving away/etc. of codes on this site. This could include 48 hour trial codes, additional content codes, arcade game codes, etc. Any posts regarding codes will be deleted.

Clan Discussion
Clan discussion will be allowed at the discretion of the XBA Staff. All official XBA related club & clan activities will take precedence over any non-site related clan discussion.

The use of multiple accounts is not allowed on this site. Posting under someone else's account can get both your account and the other person's account banned. Also, multiple people using one account is not permitted. Everyone using this site should have their own account so that they are solely responsible for whatever happens with their account.

Member Profiles, Private Messaging and Social Groups
These are an extension of the forum and as such all of the same rules apply.

The rules for the forum apply to the various areas on the front page that can be commented on, such as news articles and individual achievements.

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