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Thursday, July 18th - 16:01
And it would have been like Hitman.
Thursday, July 18th - 15:40
New ball phsyics and more.
Thursday, July 18th - 15:24
After 24 years and work on likes of DOOM, RAGE, and Quake.
Thursday, July 18th - 15:15
Switch between 2D and 3D gameplay.
Thursday, July 18th - 14:21
Last week's bonuses extended too.
Thursday, July 18th - 12:40
Keep your car in shape across miles of unforgiving terrain.
Thursday, July 18th - 12:10
Alongside various support characters.
Thursday, July 18th - 12:02
More frequent update cadence on the cards.
Thursday, July 18th - 11:10
Mainly to prepare for the next big update.
Thursday, July 18th - 09:45
Players set to receive a special item pack in celebration.



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